What’s My Future?

An unpredictable future is worrisome. You don’t know what you discover. You don’t know what will happen. You don’t know what you will end up doing at that time. We are all living in uncertain times and let’s face it, uncertainty is incredibly stressful. And we have fears. It is a part of being human. When our fears dominate our reality, it keep us from taking action. We have the potential for an unlived life. We ask ourselves the question – What’s My Future?

The Messenger of Allah (SA) said:

“Whoever wants to know what Allah has prepared for him, he should look to what he has prepared for Allah.”

What a beautiful, simple formula to calculate one’s future with! Match yourself against the Quran and the Sunnah to know who you are, and look what you have set aside for Allah to know what Allah, the Mighty, has prepared for you.

Hasan Al-Basri said: “A believer will always be critical of himself, in his food, his drink and his speech. A sinner will not criticize himself.” He also said: “A believer is guardian over himself; he takes account of himself for Allah. Those who take account of themselves in this world, will be audited lightly in the Hereafter. Those who take this issue lightly will find their auditing very difficult.”

Your ability to consider what’s possible requires a tolerance of uncertainty. Embrace the unknown, be patient, practice your deen, have hope, and let life surprise you. Remember, when nothing is certain, anything is possible.

Trust Allah, stop thinking about the future and past.

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